Durham University location

Experience two UK locations

Durham University has two locations in North East England: Queen’s Campus in Stockton-on-Tees, and Durham City.

When you arrive in the UK you will live and study at Queen’s Campus, where you will complete your pathway programme at the International Study Centre. After you successfully complete your pathway programme and achieve the required grades, you will move to Durham City for your undergraduate or postgraduate degree.

It takes 45 minutes to travel between Queen’s Campus and Durham City on the inter-campus bus.

Stockton-on-Tees – Queen’s Campus

The International Study Centre is located at Queen’s Campus in the town of Stockton-on-Tees (also called ‘Stockton’). Set beside the River Tees, Queen’s Campus has an excellent range of world-class facilities but is small enough to feel safe and welcoming.


Stockton town centre is a short walk from Campus. It has brand-name shops, restaurants, bars and two shopping malls. The town hosts annual events, including a Christmas festival and a Spring festival.

Durham University has a partnership with the ARC arts venue, which has two theatres, a cinema and a dance studio for student performances. The 18th-century Georgian Theatre is another great venue for music and theatre productions.

Teesside shopping and leisure complex

Teesside has a large variety of shops and restaurants, plus a cinema and a bowling alley. You can walk here from campus or take a bus.

Around Stockton-on-Tees

  • Middlesbrough – 10 minutes by train from Stockton. This large town is great for shopping and restaurants. It has one of the UK’s top contemporary art galleries, mima.
  • Yarm – 35 minutes by bus from Stockton. This pretty Georgian town has one of the UK’s best high streets. It has great cafés, restaurants, boutique shops and annual festivals.
  • North East Wake Park –15 minutes from Stockton by car or mini-bus. This cable wakeboarding centre is a fun place to go wakeboarding. Student discounts are available.

Durham City

Durham City is made up of academic departments, sports facilities, social areas and 17 colleges, which are located at different sites throughout Durham.


Durham is a small city located beside the River Wear. It has beautiful architecture and a wide variety of shops, restaurants and entertainment venues. A popular tourist destination, Durham has a UNESCO-listed Castle and Cathedral, excellent museums and annual festivals that include the Durham Book Festival and the Lumiere Light Festival. There are riverside walks and green parks to relax in. Find out more about things to do in Durham

Around Durham

For a larger choice of shops and restaurants, the city of Newcastle is 15 minutes from Durham by train.

Durham City

Durham University student Marie

I like that Queen’s Campus is small. I think it’s actually an advantage because you see all your friends and it’s good for community spirit. My favourite spot is definitely the café because it’s just nice to hang out with your friends.

Marie from Austria
Studying Psychology 

Durham University location

Durham map

Download a map of the two campus locations.

Shuhei from Japan at Queen's Campus

The scenery of Durham City is so wonderful. I am from Tokyo, and the buildings in Tokyo, everything is just skyscrapers and it is so modern architecture, but Durham…architecture is so medieval style and it is so classic, and it is classy. So, I do love it.

Shuhei from Japan
Studied International Foundation Year in Humanities, Law and Social Science
Now studying BA (Hons) Education Studies

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