Tricia from Myanmar: staff support and settling in

27 August 2020
Tricia from Myanmar

Tricia studied her International Study Centre before returning to her home country in March to complete her final term with us online – conducted via our online learning platform (DUO/Durham University Online). Here she blogs about her experience studying with us.

I am Swe Thet Mon (Tricia) from Myanmar and I have currently finished studying my International Foundation Year at Durham University International Study Center for my BSc Business and Management degree.

The last nine months I studied at the International Study Centre have been the most eventful moments of my life and I can’t help but feel grateful for all the support I got from the Centre.  The International Study Centre is a wonderful setting where every student, teacher and staff member are encouraged to interact with each other no matter where they came from.

As a business student, I was able to make connections with many other students from different countries with diverse background and cultures – which may be very useful in the future.  These interactions with different people from different parts of the world also allowed me to view my business studies from different perspectives. It helped widen my horizons when the teachers connected the lessons learned each day with business occurring out in the real world. All the teachers are well-experienced and each lesson is filled with new knowledge to be learned every day. It filled me with motivation every time I entered a classroom and made me look forward to each lesson.

Another aspect that the International Study Centre that helped me personally, is the help I received to adapt to life in the UK.  Honestly speaking, there were quite a number of differences between my home country and the UK – such as the weather, food, social rules and culture. With support from the teachers as well as the non-teaching staff, I was able to get through the culture shock with a surprising amount of ease. The welfare and student support teams were always present for us whenever we needed a helping hand, no matter how trivial the matter was.  Homesickness never was a problem for me due to the care of the welfare team.

Overall, the nine months I spent at the International Study Centre were filled with eventful moments that I will cherish all my life and helped to nurture my independence. I developed many essential skills that will guide me not only throughout my university life, but also throughout my career.  I will always smile upon the precious memories that the International Study Centre has provided me with.

You can find out more about student life at Durham University International Study Centre on our website.