Online learning during a pandemic: student support and keeping a routine

01 July 2020
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Mustafa from Pakistan is one of our students who continued their International Study Centre education online and will be progressing to Durham University in September – check out how he adapted to studying remotely at the beginning of his final term.

It is my eleventh day of learning from home due to COVID-19. I look up to all the hardworking people who are keeping our education going. The International Study Centre’s professors, teachers, students and staff are playing their part in such an unprecedented international crisis – along with doctors, politicians and health workers.

Learning online from home is an experience and a challenge. We are encouraged daily to stay motivated, committed and to follow the guidelines and instructions. This will be our contribution to fighting against this pandemic. It is the time to work together and show our moral strength – this international crisis will raise a generation of leaders.

Remember the benefits

Learning online will help us in our practical life, as well as in our independent study. The skills we’ll learn include being punctual, efficient, resilient and and how to work under pressure. Our resilience and motivation is being tested in these critical times. Here at Durham University International Study Centre, we have students from all over the world facing this situation away from their families. The wonderful support and help we are receiving from the staff is much more needed than ever.

Make a routine

My wife and I, along with our 3 year old daughter and newborn son, are staying at home – strictly following the instructions. From the cancellation of our law tour, as well as lectures and exams, it most certainly was testing; however, the student welfare team and other staff members are all constantly in contact through email.

To structure my days, I have used last term’s timetable to schedule my week as I am practicing studying online from home under lockdown. I’m spending time working on next term’s essays, eating and sleeping to my usual schedule, exercising with my daughter, as well as a 40-minute walk around my beloved, and now sadly locked, Durham Queen’s Campus.

I am looking forward to the day when we will celebrate our victory over this virus. Until then, I’m making sure to regularly clean my devices and gadgets.

We should stay optimistic and motivated throughout this time.

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