Omar from Egypt: Pursuing a career in computer science

23 July 2019
students socialising outside University College at Durham University

Hello, my name is Omar and I have spent the last nine months completing the first step towards my dream: a career in computer science. I am here to tell you my opinions about the time I spent at the International Study Centre.

Durham University International Study Centre student Paolo

At the beginning of the year, I had the mentality of “I don’t need to make friends”. But eventually I did find some people from around the world to call my friends, people who shared common interests, heritage, or even mindsets.

This couldn’t have been possible without my physics teacher, who made it a point to have the class get to know one another. She asked us all to get up and mention one of our interests and that’s how I made my first few friends.

The computer science teachers both helped me greatly when it came to learning a new language. I had initially come to the International Study Centre knowing only Java, but they helped me learn three other languages in the short span of one semester.

Regarding the accommodation and the welfare team, I slowly began to feel reassured that there was a team who I could confide in. My room felt small at first, but turned out to be quite spacious and cosy.

Although I was initially disappointed that I had to complete the International Foundation Year, towards the end I realised how truly grateful I am to have bonded with such great students and staff alike. Although I did not make much use of the facilities or require much aid from those around me, I can confidently say that they were all there for me and would provide as much help as humanly possible.

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