Moving to the UK to study

Student reading book in library

Two students share their experience of moving to the UK to study at Durham University International Study Centre. See how they are finding it so far.

Philips travelled from Singapore to the UK to prepare for his degree at Durham University

He currently studies the International Foundation Year in Humanities, Law and Social Science and he’s aiming to study LLB (Hons) Law at Durham University.

“I hail from the sunny and small-scale city island named Singapore.  The UK so far, has been captivating and compelling. I did not expect any less since I wanted to immerse myself into the very essence of British culture. I enjoy the Northern weather as well as its culture since the people here are affable and amiable. Assimilating to this apparent new lifestyle has been effortless. The rooms provided at our accommodations are commodious and mellow. The location of Stockton, especially the place that I stay in has been convenient as it provides us amenities right at our front door. The last eight weeks have been educational and fruitful despite the hectic work schedules, but it’s all swell. The lifestyle in the UK has been quite how I expected since it has a lot of rich cultural history that I truly respect and admire.”


Chloe (Qi Xu) from Hong Kong shares her experience of studying at Durham University International Study Centre

Chloe also studies the International Foundation Year in Humanities, Law and Social Science and is aiming to study BA (Hons) History. 

“I am impressed with the education in the UK. The teachers are really good and very positive. They always encourage me to try my best. Even though I have some mistakes in my homework, they still give me a lot of encouragement in the class. 

I really love my class, because of my major. I am the youngest in the class. They always take care of me and make me feel welcomed in the lessons.

My lovely teachers are Stephen, Greg and Gemma. Stephen teaches the writing and reading, Gemma teaches the reading and Greg teaches the listening and speaking. My favourite lessons are with Greg. My classmates and I really like him because he always gives a lot of energy. In the first IELTS, we went to Manchester, I got a 6.5 in speaking because of his encouragement.

Since arriving in the UK, I really love to study by myself. I can motivate myself after lessons because I just need to study the English and History in the library. It is my interest and hobby. It is very different to studying in Hong Kong. I feel so lucky I was able to come here to study and meet new friends. Moreover, the International Study Centre is always organising activities for us.

My English is better than before. I am not used to listening and speaking English in Hong Kong. The people are really nice and helpful although I cannot always understand what they are talking about when they speak fast, they repeat it for me. After Stephen’s lessons, my writing has improved a lot. I am so grateful to him.”