Cynthia from China: Studying business at Durham

03 September 2019

I’m going to talk about my amazing experience at the International Foundation Year at Durham University International Study Centre.

International student Cynthia sits on steps outside Durham University International Study Centre

The curriculum is well-designed. I’m a business student who chose finance as a further pathway for the future and my curriculum comprised three kinds of courses. Firstly, the major courses linking to my subject directly. For example, Foundation Business. Secondly, mathematics courses including Statistics. Last but not least, courses which are not relevant to my major specifically. For instance, Social Life for Business and Academic Practice for Business. These courses provided us opportunities to be familiar with academic life and society in the UK. In other words, they were designed to support the major courses.

Besides academic programs, there are many societies in the International Study Centre, such as Art Club, and football teams. I choose to become a student representative. All in all, being a representative was a fantastic journey. All the representatives and International Study Centre staff got together and hold a meeting each month. We talked about academic and living issues together. What made me so surprised and proud is that every student’s opinion is valued in this big team. Departments in the International Study Centre like to co-operate with representatives and we do our best to make a better campus for everyone.

As an international student, I could fit in at the International Study Centre easily, because everyone has a warm heart and an open mind. The International Study Centre is a good choice to be the first station of your British trip. It is difficult for us to study and live in a whole new environment. My suggestion is walk out of your comfort zone. Try something new, something you feel not sure about. For me, it was becoming a representative. If you want to try something new but feel embarrassed, just do it. If you want to express a new opinion but feel afraid, just say it. If you feel unhappy or confused, just ask for help. It’s ok to be an introvert, but you always need to take a step forward.

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