How Prepare for Success helped my studies at the International Study Centre

29 March 2021
An international student on the beach

Aaron, from Hong Kong, is studying the International Foundation Year in Science and Engineering at Durham University International Study Centre in 2020. Before he started his foundation programme, he took part in Prepare for Success, our exclusive virtual preparation course. You can read about Aaron’s experience below. Learn more about Prepare for Success here.

What is Prepare for Success?

Prepare for Success is an exclusive course for us to build our confidence, as well as improve our academic skills before attending university in the UK. I was so glad that I could join the course after I confirmed my place with Durham International Study Centre.

A welcoming community

After I had logged on to the online platform, I received a warm welcome from the international community, including teachers and students from other International Study Centres. There was a forum for us to introduce ourselves and share tips for studying virtually. The teachers and students were all amazing and very supportive, which gave me a lot of positive energy. It made me feel very excited to start my pathway programme and I have also gained some insights on how to become a success.

Engaging enrichment activities

Throughout the course, there were also live enrichment activities to help us relax. Those activities included cookery club, gym club and book club. I participated in several of those sessions, and I could see how passionate the tutors were while they were teaching us. I was able to learn new skills that will be essential for me when I am studying abroad, like cooking.

My favourite part of the course was having live lessons with my fellow classmates. I could meet new friends virtually and get personalised feedback for the work I handed in during the course.

Exclusive academic study materials

I think the materials (such as PowerPoint slides or video explanations) on the online platform were very useful in developing my confidence ready for my pathway programme. It was very informative. It helped me to develop great time management skills so I could handle my busy online lessons schedule as well as my independent research.

The online materials also included some non-academic topics, like cultural and personal skills, which helped me to learn more about other cultures and develop my communication skills. The materials are very useful for my pathway programme, as I will meet students across the globe at the International Study Centre.

Gain a competitive edge

Prepare for Success was a great course and a huge thanks to the International Study Centre for organising it. I highly recommended you join it as well if you get the chance. I am sure you will learn loads of things that you might not otherwise have heard of. It will help you to be success in the future.

Learn more about Prepare for Success with our video below.

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