7 reasons to study in the UK

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As one of the most popular places in the world to study abroad, the UK attracts hundreds of thousands of international students every year.

UK universities are some of the best in the world - offering a high-quality education, thousands of courses to choose from and teaching you the key academic and language skills you will need to succeed in the global workplace.

But why choose to study in the UK over other international study destinations?

Why choose to study in the UK?

1. High quality, globally recognised education

Universities in the UK consistently perform well in world university rankings, holding a reputation for high-quality education and world-leading research.

Alongside developing the study skills, academic knowledge and English language skills, your education in the UK will be recognised internationally.

Foundation programmes and undergraduate and postgraduate degrees studied in the UK are all accepted by employers worldwide - meaning you will be on the pathway to pursue your desired career wherever you want.

2. Cultural diversity

The UK is renowned for its cultural diversity. You will be welcomed into a multicultural society where you can discover all faiths, religions and languages present throughout the country.

You will be able to explore a wealth of widely available cuisines, where a taste of home will never be too far away. And you will also be able to enjoy countless festivals and events celebrating history, music, sports and religion.

Studying in a culturally diverse country will give you an understanding of different perspectives within the world we live in. You will be able to share your language skills with others, and theirs with you, discover new ways of thinking, new knowledge and new experiences.

You will also be surrounded by fellow international students, so there will be lots of people in the same situation as you and you will be able to build a global network of friends and contacts.

3. Lower tuition fees compared to the USA

In the USA the cost of one year for an undergraduate programme is typically over $25,000. In the UK, it will generally cost significantly less. However, one of the main factors that make studying in the UK cheaper than studying in the USA, is the time it takes to complete your degree.

In the UK, undergraduate programmes are typically three years, while in the USA they are normally four years long. While this is a great way to start pursuing your desired career sooner, it will also save you money on tuition, accommodation and living costs.

4. Direct access to Europe

Not only will you benefit from great transport links across the UK, where you can easily explore Wales, England and Scotland, you will also have direct access to Europe.

Thanks to the Channel Tunnel and low-cost airlines, you will be able to discover Europe with ease - make sure you check your visa requirements before you book! Whether you want to check out the sights from the Eiffel Tower in France or bask in the sun in Spain, the UK is your gateway.

5. Thousands of subject options

Whatever you want to focus your studies on, the UK offers a great variety of subject options for you to choose from. From engineering and sciences to law and media, whatever you want to study you will be able to find it in the UK.

Courses also come in different forms to suit different studying needs, for example, there are degrees that are more practical while others are more theoretical. There are also courses that have more contact hours compared to others. Some courses are shorter than others, while some offer opportunities to study a year abroad or take part in a work placement.

UK universities also boast a range of out-of-class clubs and societies for you to enjoy. Whether you want to join a society for your favourite sport or focus your extra time on educational activities. You will be able to enjoy the full university experience in England, studying, socialising and having fun.

6. Improve your English

One of the main benefits of why to study in the UK is that you will get to develop your English language skills in an English speaking country. Throughout your undergraduate degree, you will be advancing your English language skills through academic studying and student life.

From buying a coffee to socialising with friends, you will notice your English dramatically improve whilst studying in the UK. If you feel that you need to develop your language skills before starting your degree, you could study an International Foundation Year or a Pre-Masters Programme. These programmes are perfect for international students, helping you to learn the fundamental skills needed for university.

7. Makes you desirable to employers

Studying in a foreign country is typically desirable to employers. But studying in a country where the language is not your own shows valuable qualities that will benefit your future career.

Studying in England from abroad shows that you are willing to push and challenge yourself, adapt to new scenarios and that you can make big decisions. You will develop your adaptability, resilience, independence, self-awareness and problem-solving. All of this will help give you the edge over other graduates in the global job market.

Frequently asked questions

How to study in the United Kingdom?

If you're an international student looking to study in the UK, a pathway programme is a great way to access the university of your choice whilst ensuring you get the most out of your study abroad experience. Pathway programmes provide additional support whilst you are settling into life in the UK, as you belong to a cohort of other international students. They also allow you to develop your English language skills so you're ready for university study.

Is the UK the best destination for international students?

Choosing to study abroad is a personal choice with different countries attracting different students. The most important thing to do is think about what is important to you in terms of studying. What sort of education system appeals to you? What degree length suits your needs? What language do you feel most comfortable studying in? Once you've answered these questions, you will be able to make the decision of where to study abroad.

Why is it better to study in the the UK than in other countries?

There are many benefits to studying in the UK. The UK has a globally recognised education system, meaning a degree from a UK university can open up work opportunities in a variety of countries. Degrees from UK universities are also typically three years in length, compared to four years in countries such as the U.S, making them often cheaper.