5 benefits of studying a pathway programme

Students learning in class

Specifically designed for international students, pathway courses help prepare students for success with their undergraduate or postgraduate degree. These courses are becoming increasingly popular with students looking to study abroad as they provide the perfect way to develop the necessary language and academic skills needed for university.

What are the benefits of pathway programmes?

There are a number of benefits of studying a pathway course, offering both practical and proven advantages for international students. Here are our top five benefits of studying a university pathway programme.

1. Made for international students

Education centres across the UK offer international students the chance to study a pathway course that addresses the needs of students from all over the world and is a great way to help overcome any challenges they may face.

While studying a pathway course you will benefit from teachers that are experienced in teaching international students. Through structured teaching methods that cater for those learning a second language, you will learn through highly visual and interactive lesson plans that will help you achieve and succeed.

Durham University International Study Centre offers pathway courses to university that are designed for international students who want to live and study in the UK. The course is tailored in a way that will ensure students are confident and academically prepared to succeed at degree level study at Durham University.

2. The chance to adjust to UK culture

A university pathway programme in the UK give you the opportunity to integrate fully into British culture. They allow you to learn and adapt to a new culture and lifestyle before you start your degree.

You will, more than likely, live alongside other international students, all in the same situation at as you. Together, you can explore your new environment. You can also take advantage of the International Study Centre induction week, which will introduce you to the UK and your course.

As well as academic staff, the International Study Centre also has people who can help you with living in the UK and adjusting to your new home.

3. Build and develop the necessary academic language skills

Through academic classes combined with English language development, you will be able to learn the kind of language skills you can expect to encounter during your undergraduate degree.

Pathway courses can help you overcome any fears of studying and speaking in English, which could hold you back on your degree course. You will develop any areas of your English language skills that need improvement, whether it is everyday speaking, writing or reading. You could even study an English Language Preparation course.

You will also get the chance to practise your English in everyday situations, such as buying coffee or socialising with friends.

4. Improve your knowledge

University preparation programmes are an ideal way to fill any gaps in your knowledge that you may have between high school and university.

They are designed to meet the needs of international students studying abroad. They help to ensure that you are academically ready to achieve success during your degree.

You will study core and subject-specific modules that are designed to improve your knowledge around the field you are looking to progress in.

At Durham University International Study Centre you can choose from different academic pathways that will cater to your desired degree. The courses at the Durham International Study Centre are created in collaboration with Durham University, so they will directly prepare you for your degree and what to expect.

5. Develop study skills and get used to university-style teaching

Not only will you be experiencing a new culture and language to study in, you will also be adapting to university-style teaching. This means you will have an advantage over students entering university straight from school.

Pathway programmes in the UK are a great way to prepare for university. Courses such as the one at Durham University International Study Centre are taught using university-style teaching. You will often learn through lectures, tutorials and seminar-style classes.

Through your chosen programme you will also learn essential study skills that will help you thrive at university. You will develop the ability to work independently, improve your research skills and enhance other study skills such as critical reading and project work. Find out more about the programmes on offer at Durham University International Study Centre.

Frequently asked questions

What are the entry requirements for pathway programmes?

Pathway programme requirements will depend on the subject, programme and study level you wish to study at. These will depend on the entry requirements for the university. The study level of your pathway programme will also change the entry requirements needed. Shorter programmes tend to have higher entry requirements than longer ones.

How to apply for a pathway programme?

Once you've found a pathway programme that interests you, it is time to apply. Check out the individual entry requirements for your course, which will usually include both academic and English language requirements. Once you apply to a programme, an agent is usually available to help you with things such as applying for a Student visa or obtaining accommodation.

Are pathway programmes beneficial?

Pathway programmes are a great way to prepare for international study. You will join the university as part of a welcoming, multicultural cohort of students and be taught under staff who are experts in international education. You get all the benefits of studying at a university, with the additional pastoral and English language support to help you get the most out of you degree.